Analysis of Glefaran emissions by the CSIC


CSIC, UPV/EHU and CIEMAT will analyse the emissions of the Glefaran company. The town councils of Zalla and Güeñes have already informed the Department of the Environment of the Basque Government about the study that will begin in the next few weeks. The Department has offered to make available to the project all the available information, as well as the technical means that the researchers consider necessary to carry out their work.

The study will, among other issues, carry out measurements of the emissions in the chimney. In addition, it will link these measurements to a technical report on emissions from the burning of biomass in traditional agricultural practices, domestic-residential installations, and medium-sized industrial plants.

The work will be completed with an atmospheric modelling of the area and a long air quality characterisation campaign. This study on air quality in the municipalities will be carried out, which will clarify the current situation, clearing up any doubts and, if any “anomaly” is detected, it will allow “to adopt the appropriate measures”, providing “peace of mind and security to the citizens”.ç


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